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We've saved our customers £1,060,908 this year in commission fees!

1% broker fees
Lowest commission in the market
Transparent Charges

Unfortunately for you, not all finance brokers are equal. Most pretend to be your friend, they don’t break down your deal in a transparent way, and in most cases – you don’t know how much you’re paying them.

At Boss Asset Finance, we’re on a mission to debunk the myths of finance, and champion the customer. We’re tipping the industry on its head and saving you a load of cash whilst we’re at it.

If you are looking for asset finance that is down to earth, cost-effective and more importantly a company that isn’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes, then you are in the right place.

Not All Brokers are Equal

You need to ask your broker what commission they are charging you

Our Broker Fees:1%

Average Broker Fee:4%

The 3% difference could save you thousands

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Boss asset finance vs your average broker

Boss asset finance

Your average broker

100% transparency

Hidden costs

1% commission fees

4% commission fees

75% cheaper than the average broker

Regularly overcharges you with additional fees

No corporate days out

Driving days out

More money in your pocket

More money in their pocket

Saves you money

Takes your money

Boss asset finance vs your average broker

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Unlock the power of our Finance Calculator!

Tailored to provide you with crystal-clear insights, our calculator provides you with a breakdown of indicative costs. Take a look at the impact of both a 1% commission (BAF) and the industry average of 4%. See your weekly and monthly costs at a glance. Impressed by what you discover? Let us beat your quote – your financial satisfaction is our priority!

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Finance Calculator

Use this calculator to see the impact on your finance from 4% to 1%


*This is an indicative quote for illustration purposes only. Terms apply. Contact Boss Asset Finance for a full quotation.

Boss Asset Finance, The Same but better


Unlike other financial brokers, we look at your business challenges, and recommend financial solutions that fit rather than sell you any product.

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A few Words from our customers

We charge
only a 1% fee

Joining the 1% club means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money while still receiving exceptional financial solutions tailored to your needs.

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We won’t pretend to be your mate

We won’t pretend
to be your mate

We keep more money in your pocket. We believe in transparent and fair broker rates. We’re committed to helping you achieve your financial goals without breaking the bank or pretending to be your mate.

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We will beat
99% of quotes

We’re confident we will beat your current quote – Challenge us!

Think we only understand Welfare? Not true. Our team has a wealth of experience in various fields and various markets, making us unique in the finance broker market.

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Meet our team

Matthew Wordsworth

Starting his working life at 16 in his father’s engineering business as an apprentice welder, he worked his way up to becoming production manager by age 22. During his time on and managing the shop floor he learnt many things, both about people and the harsh realities of business. Son of a self-made serial entrepreneur and market disruptor, he was mentored to never accept the status quo, to look for the weak points in any product, market or industry and then pursue them relentlessly and in the current asset finance broker market he has found just that.

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Trevor Jacobs

Trevor boasts a wealth of experience across diverse industries, including financial services, construction, healthcare, and prominent corporations like Hyundai, Kia, and Boss Cabins. Trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant, he holds a decade of expertise in IT project management. With a robust professional tenure spanning over 33 years, Trevor excels as a seasoned accountant, instrumental in steering financial triumph. His proficiency lies in expertly navigating Asset Finance placements and demonstrating an innate talent for precise numerical analysis, making him the foremost authority sought for strategic financial management.

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ask your broker what their commission fee is.

We guarantee it won't be 1%. You're being taken for a ride.

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Boss Asset Finance, The Same but better

Upload your Finance quote.

If it’s a closed deal see what we could have saved you.
If it's an active quote, 99% of the time we'll beat it

let's beat your quote

Upload your Finance quote.

If it’s a closed deal see what we could have saved you. If it’s an active quote, 99% of the time we'll beat it

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